Polish your look with our nail care services ranging from gel, acrylics, natural nail care, there is always something for everyone looking for a manicure. Manicures are an affordable gift for everyone including you! They help ensure healthy nails and hands and a quick and easy way to change or polish your look.

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Paraffin Hand TreatmentYou will receive a hand massage with coconut oil and warm melted wax to repair rough dry hands. 30 min.


Acrylic Dip SystemYou will receive a basic manicure along with your choice of a color or French manicure dip powder. The dip powder is a finely milled acrylic powder applied in the same basic manner as nail polish, re-dipping the fingers several times. The nails are then buffed to a smooth finish and top coat is then applied. This helps strengthen and aid in nail growth. The acrylic dip usually lasts 2-3 weeks and needs to be soaked off with acetone at every appointment. 60min. extra 30min. for product removal.


Add Tips +$5

ManicureConsists of nail shaping, filling, cuticle care, hand massage And choice of polish.


French +$5

Gel ManicureConsists of nail shaping, filing, cuticle care, hand n1assage and choice of a gel polish. 45min.


Childs Manicure30 min


Express PedicureConsists of a 5-10 minute foot soak, nail trimming and filling exfoliating foot scrub, choice of polish color. 30min.


French +$5

Regular PedicureConsists of a 5-10 minute foot soak, exfoliating foot scrub, nail and cuticle care, moisturizing Footlogix mousse and choice of polish color. 45 min.


Spa PedicureConsists of a aroma therapy foot soak, exfoliating foot scrub nail and cuticle care, moisturizing Footlogix mousse and a 5-10 minute leg and foot massage with choice of polish color. 60 min.


Hot Stone PedicureWith our hot stone pedicure, you will enjoy an aroma therapy foot soak, a sea salt scrub, mud mask on feet and legs, hot towels, nail callus and cuticle work, finished with a foot and leg massage that involves essential oils or lotion that are rubbed with a help of hot stone. 90 min.


Deluxe Spa PedicureOur deluxe spa pedicure experience starts with your choice of fragrances of our deluxe Dream jelly foot soak- choose from lemon, watermelon, peach, strawberry, orange, mint & tea tree oil followed by an exfoliating foot scrub, nail & cuticle care, moisturizing mousse & a 10-15 min. leg and foot massage. Ending your experience with a foot paraffin treatment and your choice of polish color. 90min.


Deluxe Spa Pedicure with Gel Polish120 min


Childs Pedicure5-10 min


Gel Polish Removal15min


Acrylic Removal45min


Acrylic Dip Removal30min


Polish Change30min


Add Gel Polish to any Mani or Pedi


Nail Enhancement: 2 Glitter Nails


Nail Enhancement: 10 Glitter Nails


Nail Enhancement: Jewel Nails


Nail Enhancement: Individual Gem