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Booking and Cancellation Policy

We strive to provide excellent service to our guests. In order to do so, we have updated our cancellation policy. Cancellations and no-shows leave gaps in our schedules that cannot be filled without timely notice and prevent us from being able to accommodate other guests waiting for appointments.

A credit card is required to reserve an appointment. We require a minimum of 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule notice to avoid a charge of 50% of your scheduled service. There will be a 100% charge of the service booked for no-call/ no-show appointments


All posted pricing is the starting rate and may increase due to the length, thickness, and condition of your hair. Your stylist will give you a more accurate quote once they’ve had the opportunity to speak with you and provide an in-person assessment.

Method of Payment

We accept cash as well as all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express and discover. We do not accept personal checks.

Gratuity is not included in the service fees listed on our menu.

Redo Policy

Our number one priority is ensuring our guests leave happy. If you are in anyway disappointed with the results of your service, we want to know! Please call the salon within 10 days and we will work to get you back in asap. All redo’s must be done within 2 weeks of your initial service. All hair color services will not be guaranteed or redone if you are not using stylist recommended professional hair products.

Child Safety Policy

Due to safety considerations and limited space, children are welcome by appointment only.

We understand how challenging it is to find time to spend for yourself. We also understand that your “me time” does not always align with your hair appointments. However, our policy strictly prohibits unsupervised children in the salon. In the event that you must bring your child into the salon, please provide proper supervision for them in the form of another caretaker. Unfortunately, the salon cannot provide childcare services. Also, young children in carriers/ strollers may not be placed near the service area or held on the lap.

We kindly request ONLY those receiving services be present in the service area. Older children, (12+) capable of sitting quietly and unsupervised. May wait in the provided seating area. While this policy helps that all guests enjoy a relaxing salon experience, it was created with your child’s safety in mind.

Our salon is not child-proof. Sharp instruments, hot styling tools, chemicals, and a busy salon make for a potentially dangerous environment for young children. Lotus Salon Stylist and staff are dedicated to providing each of our guests with the highest level of service possible.

We greatly appreciate your compliance with our child safety policy.

Special Considerations

Please notify our front desk before reserving your appointment if you have high blood pressure, allergies, any other physical ailments or disabilities, or if you are pregnant. If you have any concerns at all, please let us know. If at any time during your service you feel discomfort, please alert your service provider immediately.

Please avoid wearing strong perfumes at the time of your service as some of our guest and stylists may be sensitive to them.

Stylist Level System

Here at Lotus Salon & Spa everyone we hire goes through our unique, in-depth training program and will move through our performance-based level system. Continued education is important and will continue throughout their career with us. Our goal is to provide a path of growth for our stylist, create a consistent guest experience, and offer several options for our guests, who may choose the level that best fits their needs and budget. We work as a team to give you the best salon experience.

Our stylist achieves next-level promotions based on several factors including guest retention, performance markers, advanced education completed, work experience here at Lotus Salon & Spa, and demand of their time, as a stylist move up their prices increase slightly. This is why different stylists are at different prices for similar services. This system is what builds careers. Our level system offers incentives, encouragement, and reward for the hard work our stylists put in every day.

Level 1 Stylist

All of our stylists begins their career with us at Level 1. Level 1 Stylist doesn’t necessarily mean fresh out or cosmetology school in fact they could be well-seasoned stylists already! At Lotus Salon & Spa, Level 1 Stylist just means that the stylist is new to us. And they are working on building their clientele. Once they reach our level-up goals, they move up to the next level.

You will see our Level 1 Stylists working directly with our Level 3 and 4 level stylists. You will see the shadow, asking questions, assisting, and providing services to accommodate our guests.

Directed by their mentors they are going through unique training and gaining skills they need to become a Lotus Salon Team Members.

When you book an appointment with our Level 1 stylist you allow them to develop their skills gain experience, confidence and learn through hands-on application. All appointments will be under the supervision of our Level 3 and 4 stylists until the services have been mastered.

Level 2 Stylist

Our Level 2 Stylists have completed their education in addition to accomplishing a number of specific goals while working at Lotus salon & Spa. Skills will continue to grow with advanced education.

Level 3 Stylist

Our Level 3 Stylists not only have accomplished specific goals but have acquired additional education and experience and helped mentor and educate our new team members.

Level 4 Stylist

Our Level 4 Stylists have acquired advanced education, skills, and years of experience in the salon industry. They also mentor and are educators for all team members.

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